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Bel_Vedere Pfefferberg

Pfefferberg's cellar

Berlin, Germany, 2010

Fixed on the ceiling, a cylindrical chamber made of rubber, where one can step in. The rubber blanket maintains favorable conditions of humidity, light and temperature for the growing of grass in the upper side part of this black tunnel. 


As light is fixed in the middle height of the structure, an unexpected phenomenon happens: the grass grows up side down.


The present position of the grass, primarily related to the ground, reverses the notion of the visitor of what is up and down, provoking a momentary lapse of orientation.


Belvedere was installed in a cellar with arch shaped ceiling, which dialogs with the geometry of the chamber. Being under the ground is also a fact that intensifies the experience. 

Materials: Rubber blanket, grass, earth, metal structure, heating, water, plant light. 

Ø 100cm x 430cm. 

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