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Festival of Future Nows

Neue National Galerie

Berlin, Germany, 2014

‘There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.’


- Pythagoras

In a harmonious system, one does not notice the constituent elements until they fall out of tune. Einklang presents a dynamic equilibrium composed of moving parts and held together by the centripetal force of geometry. Showing the simultaneous diversity of forms, repetition of patterns, and connectedness of scale, the geometry of each garden echoes the geometry of the work as a whole, the architecture of the building, and the outside.


Like the forest, whose innumerable individual trees languish between decay and bloom, or the visitor among visitors, or even the individual work of art as part of the grand exhibition, all of the elements of Einklang converge into one unifying image. The image is ethical and elegant; it is an image of fragmentary wholeness, where both the parts and their playful movement are welcomed. Einklang tells the story of the fleetingness of shared aesthetic experience and creation: for a moment all the parts come together, held in one space, place, and time. And then the harmony has already modulated.


Controlled by wandering visitors, the gardens are moving pieces on the forest floor – they dart amidst the high tree trunks installed in the Neue Nationalgalerie. Together with their own gardens, participants engage in a sort of choreography, where multiple arrangements and encounters are possible. The melody continues to modulate as new momentary consonance is achieved.


Text by Rebecca Dolgoy.

Materials: seven remote controlled modules, succulent plants.

Photo by Iona Dutz

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