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Installation and performance

Hamburger Bahnhof

Berlin, Germany, 2017

Site-specific installation located in a hidden, open air space behind the main building of the Hamburger Bahnhof museum. It was accompanied by an ongoing 4-day performance during which water was filtered, enriched and then served as tea to visitors.


What at first appears as a performance with a linear narrative and a center of gravity—the filter—became more complex as other elements became evident. Interactions within the space and during the tea-routines turn the filtering water and tea-making processes into a metabolism of the space.


The title plays on the alliteration ‘teatime talk’. It also references the use of acoustic elements, in German ‘Töne’, and clay, in German ‘Ton’, in the installation and performance. Moreover, the title is a humorous allusion to the often confusing polyglot communications of the international creative community in Berlin.

Cooperation with Denis Altschul, Elana Katz, Tomas Espinosa, Mari Sierra, Danilo Tim and friends.

Materials: Water, filtration system, brazilian quartz, acrylic, clay, herbs.

Photo by Joana Dias

Video by Nina Cavalcanti

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