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Exhibition at Berliner Dom

Berlin, Germany 2009

The lantern of Berliner Dom, the Berlin's cathedral, is a gold plated piece located at the top of the dome, supporting the cross. In 2009 the lantern was renewed and the old material was donated to the University of Arts of Berlin (UdK). With the gold plated sheets the following works were sculpted. 

"Renaissance" is a nest and its title is a reference to the several "births" we have during our life. 

"Is there anybody at home?" has the shape of a house, inspired in those with simple design from ancient folks. The title is a question anyone can make to him/herself during his/her life, the quest of who and how we inhabit our body, our first and last home.  

"Navigating in Deutsch_Land" makes a reference to the moment this work was executed, the ways through we flow, the places we visit and the time that passes.

Materials: gold plated sheets

Sculpture ∅ 60cm x 80cm.

Digital photography 80cm x 60cm.

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